Introducing our Orchids

Hello Readers,

Being my first blog ever, we wanted to introduce you to our small but ever growing orchid garden. We currently have over 300 “adult” orchid plants and over 500 “babies” and “teenagers”. We started with blooming stage plants and transitioned into pollination, hybridizing and flasking (Let’s save that story for later :).

Our orchid journey started in 2012 in the beautiful college town of Logan, Utah. That’s where I met my wife Lucia, while we were graduate students. Lucia had grown a few orchids before and introduced me to the beauty and variety of these wonderful creations. We realized our calling of orchids together.

We started visiting the local grocery store ‘Smiths’ and being the grad students we were, our senses drew us towards the sale section of the store. There we found great deals on mostly Phalaenopsis orchids that were done blooming. We picked several of them. Some of those still continue to bloom for us.

Note: During that initial phase, we also purchase a Phalaenopsis that displayed bright “blue” flowers as shown in the pic below. Only to find out that the flowers were dyed with a blue dye. They do mention that on the label but then who reads stuff, coz “ain’t nobody got time for that” :).

Image result for blue phalaenopsis orchid

Since 2012 we moved around several states in the US, sometimes together, sometimes apart from each other. Our careers took us through Salt Lake City, Texas, Wisconsin, Indiana, and finally Kansas. Drifting through, we explored several orchid nurseries the notable of those are Orchid Dynasty, UT; Orchid Garden and Nursery, Madison, WI; Hausermann Orchids, Chicago; Natt’s Orchids, IL; Orchid Express and Leasing, Houston; Clown Alley Orchids, Houston; Bird’s Botanicals, KS and several others.

We are currently in Kansas City, KS and each day trying to overcome weather, bugs, diseases and multiple challenges to keep our “Chids” happy. Sharing some pics of our plants below and hope you can be with us as we keeping growing.


Thanks for reading. Until next week.


Love and Peace,

Paco de Lucia

1 thought on “Introducing our Orchids”

  1. I liked the blue orchid lol. That was the first orchid I bought and didn’t know the color came from a dye until it rebloomed the following year with white flowers. It felt like a rip-off, but that plant got me hooked on orchids.


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